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Team Four 2007-2008 


Welcome to another fabulous year at Mount Elden Middle School!!  Team Four is committed to providing timely information to parents and students in order to improve the educational experience.  Please visit the wiki to find out about the latest assignments, field trips, announcements, and student projects.  Students will be maintaining and updating the page in order to communicate not only the information but also evidence the potential of the middle school students.


Wiki pages of interest

Weekly Announcements


2007-2008 Calendar

Team4 Passports

Civil War Magazines

UN Proposal Project

Digital Storytelling: European Colonialism



The end is near and that means that the end of the year fun will begin soon.  Team 4 will be venturing down to Bushmaster Park on June 2nd for an all day reward day.  On June 3rd we will have the Team 4 Checkbook Auction.  June 4th will be the 2007-2008 slideshow (cd's of the show will be available for $1 after the showing). 


In addition, this coming Wednesday, the GCY River Trippers will be presenting their short River Stories in Room 200.  If you would like to join us come to MEMS from 6pm-7pm on May 7th.  Refreshments will be served!

Teacher email


Math: bgeorge@fusd1.org

Social Studies:dlaufenberg@fusd1.org

Science: mphipps@fusd1.org

English: kquigley@fusd1.org


Also, the students have started investigating immigration in Social Studies.  We will be discussing the history of immigration in the US and looking at the current issues that surround immigration today.  Students will be producing a passport that represents their personal story.  Please take some time to discuss the story of your family with your son or daughter so as to allow them to further investigate the immigration stories that impact the lives of all Americans.


























Please submit and questions or concerns here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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